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Can dogs get coronavirus COVID-19?

In March 2020, world health organization has declared that COVID-19 novel coronavirus is a worldwide pandemic. With the spread of this virus, people are not only worried about their health but also worried about their dogs, cats and other animal pets health. Hence, still, it is not proved that these pets play a vital role in spreading the virus in the entire countries like India, united states, china etc. Can dogs get Coronavirus COVID-19? There is a probability that Dogs can get corona viruses Covid-19. This novel coronavirus (COVID-19) is not assumed to be a health risk to dogs, but canines can be tested positive for this virus. According to Duke University, Winston was found positive out of two dogs, a cat and a lizard in the home.The dog suffered from mild symptoms and was recovering well. Few more cases found, where Two pet dogs were tested positive in Hong Kong and both the dog lived in the same house with the COVID-19 positive owners. The local health care of