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2020 Top 10 Popular Dog Breeds in India

If you are planning to buy or adopt a  dog. it's important to know about the popular  breeds. so, In this article you will know about the top ten popular breeds in  India coming up. if you're planning to buy a dog  please adopt and don't pay for the dogs.  There are a lot of homeless dogs  available in India across all breeds. whatever breed you want just check online, if they are available for  adoption before you're buying out so before wasting must time here is my top 10 pet dog popular breeds in India. List Of Top 10 popular pet dog breeds in india These are the Top 10 breeds in India which will give you details information about their Temperament, health, Monthly expenditure etc pet dog. 1. Golden Retrievers Golden Retrievers were originally bred  by hunters to retrieve the hunting games. since colon retrievers were bred to do work they should be given lot of work  every day otherwise they'll get bored golden retrievers like Labradors ar