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Boerboel Dog Breed Information and Pictures - Dogbreedsfact

BOERBOEL A MASTIFF DOG BREED  I owned a Mastiff mix. He lived to be 16 years old. When we moved up here from the city, we realized what an incredible dog he was. He protected us. He would go with the kids on hikes out on this property. And when he got to the age of getting close to passing away, we started researching Mastiff breeds that met his temperament. Not by looks or anything like that but purely by temperament. And the Boerboel best described that. About two years after we started researching the breed, we brought home our first one. We moved here 20 years ago and with our other dogs, prior to the Boerboels, we would have bears getting into the trash can all the time. BOERBOEL A MASTIFF DOG BREED TO DO BATTLE WITH AFRICAN LIONS There would be a lot of evidence of mountain lions taking down deer close by the house. And once we got the Boerboels, we saw that diminish greatly. The Boerboels   have an incredible sense of smell. We can be in the house and they ca