How to wean a dog to spoil at home | Causes and solution of the problem

 A domestic four-legged pet is not only a sea of positive emotions and impressions. It is also a difficult parenting process that requires patience and endurance.

But what should the owner do if such a problem has arisen with an adult animal? Why is this happening and how to explain the new rules of behavior to the dog?

Why does an adult dog start shitting at home?

Before you start looking for a solution, you need to understand the causes of this problem.

In other words: if a dog crap at home, then there is always a justification for this. The owner's primary task is to find the motives that prompted the dog to do this. Only in this case can an effective and rational solution be found.

Veterinarians and experienced dog handlers claim that there are only two main groups of reasons that lead to the appearance of a puddle or heap in an apartment:

  1. Psychological factors;
  2. Physiological reasons.

Let's consider each of the groups in order to fully understand this issue.

Psychological reasons

Zoopsychologists have long found out that a pet starts to shit in the house as a result of stress. What caused it, the owner can understand if he analyzes the events preceding the appearance of the first puddle or heap.

In most cases, the reason for breaking the usual rules is:

  1. Changing of the living place. For example, the dog was given to friends or relatives for a while. Or the owner simply decided to get rid of his pet and kicked him out into the street. After finding a new home, the dog may develop a negative habit;
  2. The arrival of a new family member. It is inevitably associated with a stressful situation. After all, the dog is now given less attention and the result is banal jealousy or fear;
  3. Carrying out medical procedures associated with unpleasant or painful sensations;
  4. Smells or sounds that make the animal feel anxious or insecure.

This is important: Regardless of the psychological reason that caused such a negative behavior of the animal, the owner needs to understand: the pet is looking for his attention.

Zoopsychologists argue that with a lack of attention on the part of the owner, the animal seeks to draw attention to itself by all means. The dog understands the high likelihood of physical punishment. But even under the threat of reprisals, he persistently crap in the house.

Subconsciously, the animal understands that the offense will be punished. But this is an opportunity to communicate with the owner and make up for the attention deficit.

How to solve this problem?

Of course, if the reasons lie in psychological factors, then it is necessary to pay maximum attention to the dog. Restore your usual walking routine. Play and train the animal for more time.

Maintaining psychological comfort is equally important. If there is a new family member or pet in the house, try to get the dog to accept him.

Favorite delicacies, joint walks and games will help smooth out unpleasant moments. You should not leave your pet alone for a long time. The animal yearns and is ready for an immoral act, just to get its share of attention from the owner.

Cynologists recommend giving up physical punishment. Often heaps and puddles appear precisely after the owner has used physical violence against the dog.

Thus, the dog demonstrates his disobedience and disagreement with this situation. If puddles or heaps appear on the owner's bed, then it is worth considering whether there was an unfair punishment.

Of course, no one will apologize to a four-legged pet. But paying more attention to it is worth it. One should not discount the fact that the dog can strive to become the head of the family and thus shows its superiority.

Experienced dog handlers recommend adhering to simple rules from the first days of finding a dog in the house:

  1. Do not allow her to bite family members even during the game;
  2. Forbid to lie on the owner's bed;
  3. Praise your four-legged pet every time he goes to the toilet on the street. You can also use a treat or other promotion;
  4. Pay special attention to the fact that you can only punish at the time of the misconduct. If the owner noticed that the animal is defecating, then you can sharply say "FU" or "No". A slap with a newspaper is allowed. The dog must clearly link the owner's dissatisfaction with the perfect action. Otherwise, he will perceive punishment only as physical violence. And he will not understand why he was spanked.

Careful attention to your own pet will quickly establish the cause of psychological trauma.

Physiological causes

Do not forget that health problems are often the cause. Veterinarians remind you that shitting at home can be:

  1. Decorative dog breeds: The phenomenon is observed after a long walk in the cold season. If the dog makes puddles, then there is a great risk that he caught a cold and he needs the help of specialists to treat cystitis;
  2. Aging animals suffer from urinary incontinence. In this case, the best solution would be to prepare the litter box and train the dog to walk on the diaper. After all, the owner is far from always able to take her out for a walk on demand;
  3. Toddlers who have not yet fully learned the correct habits. A tray and gradual diaper accustoming are also suitable for them;
  4. Digestive problems. Inflammation of the gastrointestinal tract leads to diarrhea and piles in the house. The reason for this may be stale food, a sudden change in feed, chronic diseases or other factors;
  5. Inflammation of the genitourinary system, and in the common people - cystitis , is also a common cause of puddles in the apartment.
  6. Worm infestation also often causes bad habits;
  7. The period of sexual activity. In males, the need to mark their territory sharply increases against the background of a changed hormonal background.

Important! The simplest solution in this situation seems to be mating a male dog. However, this, unfortunately, does not save for a long time. Moreover, the untied male tends to the marks with much greater force.

One likely solution is to use sedatives. They normalize hormones and make the animal feel calmer. The most radical way is the castration of the male , but not all owners are ready for it.

If the dog began to shit at home and this event was not preceded by any psychological trauma or stress, then you should immediately seek help from a veterinarian.

Your pet may need professional help and treatment. Physical punishment in this case only aggravates the problem. After all, the massacre of a sick animal is far from the most reasonable method of education.

How to wean an adult dog from shitting at home?

It is quite difficult to wean an adult dog to spoil at home. But experienced dog handlers recommend a few simple rules:

  1. Spend more time outdoors. Active games and long walks contribute to increased peristalsis and the act of defecation;
  2. Feeding 30-40 minutes before walking will also cause your dog to defecate outside;
  3. Praise. Praise your dog every time he goes to the bathroom while walking. Use treats and other incentives;
  4. Train your pet to go to the toilet on command. Training should be practiced starting at 4 months of age of the puppy. As soon as the dog relieves on the street - repeat the same chosen word. After a few months, a reflex will develop and the dog will begin to defecate on command.
  5. It will not be superfluous to examine a four-legged pet at a veterinarian. By eliminating the physiological cause, the owners will be able to enjoy the company of their pet again without unpleasant moments.

This is important: Every owner must remember that a trained and healthy dog will not spoil in the house for no reason. Finding the cause and fixing it should be a top priority for a loving owner.

How to wean a dog who was taken from the street to crap?

Training an adult pet taken from the street requires tremendous patience from the owner.

Initially, it is necessary to examine the dog by a veterinarian and exclude physiological reasons. Only after all chronic diseases have been eliminated can you start the learning process.

It is important to understand that a street animal is accustomed to relieve itself at any time convenient for itself and does not at all understand the owner's indignation due to a pile or puddle.

Patience is the only solution. And also long walks. You should not take a stray dog to your place if she has to be alone in the house all day.

Not being able to relieve themselves on the street and not having the right habits will lead to heaps and puddles. At the very least, you can pick up such an animal from the street before vacation.

When the owner has a real opportunity for several weeks to deal with the dog and teach it the minimum rules of behavior in the house.

Some of the most effective learning tools will be:

  1. Long walks
  2. Compliance with the daily regimen (feeding at the same time 30-40 minutes before leaving the house)
  3. Praise
  4. Punishment by voice at the time of the misconduct
  5. Using treats for bowel movements outside

Do not count on the fact that an adult stray dog will learn the rules of behavior in your house from the very first days.

It will take some effort and patience. And the use of special means that beat off the smell in the places of the pet's excrement will speed up the learning process.

Useful Tips

Experts remind that there are several common mistakes that even experienced owners make:

  1. An attempt to poke a dog's nose into an abandoned pile. This is done in order to remind the animal of what it is being punished for. In some cases, the effect can be completely opposite. Fearing physical punishment, the dog will not stop shitting, but may begin to eat his own stool. On her part, this will be an attempt to destroy the traces of the crime, if she could not endure the usual time for a walk.
  2. Good results are obtained by purchasing a special metal cage. It should be large enough to accommodate a soft mattress, drinker and toy. In this cage, the animal spends the entire period of the owner's absence. The dog is unlikely to shit on his own bed. And if this did happen, then you should immediately show it to the veterinarian.

Most likely, the reason lies in physiological factors. But do not force the dog there. The resulting stress can provoke the opposite effect. Try to train your pet to crate while you are away. And immediately after returning home, reward with a delicious treat and a long active walk.

Show as much attention and patience as possible to your pet. Use special preparations to eliminate odors in the apartment so that the dog does not perceive it as a latrine.

As a result of a long training process, does the dog still shit in the apartment?

In this situation, it is necessary to consult a veterinarian, and if he confirms the absence of physiological reasons for such behavior, then a meeting with a zoopsychologist will be required.

The help of specialists is also necessary if the owner cannot independently understand the reason for the dog's inappropriate behavior.

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