How to Care for your Dog's Eyes | Tips to Safely Clean


For a dog to be healthy, any owner must take care not only of the animal's diet, walking it, but also to ensure that certain hygiene rules are observed. It is not difficult, especially since any nuisance can be quickly noticed. To do this, simply observe your dog every day.

What you need to know about your dog's eyes?


Continuous tear production is considered normal in dogs. It has a moisturizing, disinfecting and cleansing function. In healthy dogs, tears naturally enter the nasal cavity. 

However, if the animal has allergies or if the tubules are clogged (for example, with sand), they may not work properly, so tears may simply drain off the corners of the eyes. In this case, the owner needs to contact the veterinarian and send his pet for a detailed examination. 

A dog's eyes are often watery because of the long bangs that constantly rub against the eyelashes. In this case, they can be trimmed.


Do not forget that in a normal state, in the corners of the eye of any dog, there are special glands that secrete secretions. It is essential for moisturizing the eyeball. 

Its owners will notice the clouding or suppuration of such a liquid, then at first it can be removed with a clean swab dipped in warm water or saline solution. But it should be understood that this is a rather dangerous symptom. 

Therefore, in any case, you should contact your veterinarian, especially if it is noticed that the discharge has changed color or smell. The dog may have conjunctivitis. 

For the animal to recover, it is necessary to follow the doctor's instructions and use the recommended drugs that have anti-inflammatory and antibacterial properties. Collecting secretions should be removed with a clean swab dipped in warm water or saline.


Points to remember when taking care of your eyes every day

When taking care of your dog's eyes on a daily basis, during daily hygiene procedures, you need to be careful with the use of cotton wool. It should be understood that cotton wool contains fibers that can be very irritating to the eyes of the animal. 

You should also be careful with chamomile, because in most cases its infusion is not suitable for caring for a dog's eyes and can irritate them.


If your dog squints a lot, especially after walking or having fun, you need to examine his eyes, because sand or hair may have gotten there. If so, the foreign body must be carefully removed with clean gauze dipped in saline or warm water. 

If the owners cannot remove the foreign object, and they see that the eye condition has worsened, it is necessary to go to a medical facility as soon as possible.

In addition, the dog may become too sensitive to light, or vice versa, it will not respond to visual stimuli (toys, obstacles). Adult dogs can suffer from opacity of the lens (cataracts), resulting in loss of vision. 


In this case, the cornea of the eye becomes dull. There are dog breeds that are very susceptible to this disease. Often, the owners of these dogs are well aware of this. However, the disease cannot be started. At first, it can only be noticeable with an ophthalmological examination. Therefore, it is necessary to examine your faithful friend annually, as well as to vaccinate on time .

Dog breeds prone to eye diseases

Owners of pugs , Pekingese , bulldogs need to be especially careful with eye diseases. Such breeds should not be exposed to intense exercise or play. The anatomically small fundus in relation to the eyeball is not able to adequately protect their eyes. 


In case of injury, you need to immediately consult a doctor, because in this case, the count goes for minutes. The first step in an eye injury is to cover the organ with clean, damp gauze to prevent infection and dry eyes.

In order for pets to be beautiful and healthy, the owners must monitor their health and appearance. Animals must be brought to a specialist for examination every year. Also, do not forget that drafts and cold air from air conditioners can harm the eyes of pets. Be healthy!

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