How to properly and quickly wean a puppy from biting?

All puppies have tried to bite the owner's hand at least once in their lives, this action may have different reasons, but in any case it is not desirable. You should disaccustom a puppy to bite as early as possible, it is not difficult to do it, you just have to follow certain rules. Initially, it may seem that the action is harmless and is only a game, since it does not cause pain and is weak. But this is due solely to the fact that at an early age the pet has small teeth and small strength. But as they grow older, they increase, and biting becomes painful and unpleasant. To avoid this, you need to educate your pet .

Reasons Your Puppy Bites:

  1. The puppy is small and perceives the action as a game
  2. Desire to show character and leadership
  3. Wrong host behavior and wrong games
  4. Manifestation of signs of love and affection

The prerequisites can be any, but you need to get rid of the habit, it is much easier to do this at a young age, and in an adult it is quite difficult, but possible with perseverance. In any case, you should always start as early as possible. Your pet may be trying to grab the legs and arms as they are the most mobile and accessible.

What actions should be taken to properly and quickly wean a puppy from biting ?

If your dog is playing with things that are not designed for this, such as slippers, then distract his attention with the toy and take the right time to release the energy. You can also say the command "no" not in an angry, but serious voice.

Don't play with your hands - there are toys for that. If this rule is not followed, we can say that you yourself provoke the pet and accustom it to wrong actions. If during the game you are caught by the hand with your teeth, then go to another room or freeze. 

Then the animal will lose interest, and it will let you go by itself. You can turn your attention to another, more interesting thing, which is intended for games.

Buy many different toys for your pet: balls, ropes, rubber bones, and more. The dog should have things specifically for play, on which you can take out all the accumulated energy. You need to play and walk a lot with the dog, pay the right amount of attention.

 If the dog always obeys you and knows that you are in charge, then you can try commanding it to go to its place in the house when bitten. This will work, and the dog will feel what he did wrong.

What cannot be done?

  1. In no case do not show aggression and do not hit the animal, it will offend him and make him angry, but will not teach him anything. The command tone in the voice will be much more understandable.
  2. Do not pull out and pull out the limbs if the puppy grabbed them, as this will be perceived as a game and will only provoke the animal unnecessarily.
  3. Do not tease or play with anything other than toys. During the game, you should focus your pet's attention only on his personal belongings.
  4. Feeling fear is also contraindicated, because the dog understands your emotions and will feel in charge.


You will be able to wean the puppy from biting, simply by following the rules, for this you need to be persistent and follow the instructions at all times. You will see strong progress in a short time, but you cannot stop there. 

Do not stop following the rules, it will not be difficult for you, and the effect will be pleasant, you will not have to worry about the hands and feet of other people and your own, and your dog will be well-mannered and calm.

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