False pregnancy in dogs - what to do and how to treat it?

False pregnancy (or, more correctly, gestation) can occur in any healthy dog, so each owner should know in advance what to do in this situation and how to help his pet.

What is a false pregnancy?

It is important to understand that a mock pregnancy is not a disease. This is a certain hormonal malfunction of the reproductive system that occurs in nulliparous bitches or in bitches that were unable to get pregnant during mating. (missed).

The thing is that the corpus luteum, which forms at the site of the bursting follicles during ovulation, slowly dissolving, produces hormones, which are also produced in the same volume during pregnancy. Thus, the dog's body sends a false signal to the dog's brain that it should have offspring.

There is an opinion that initially nature specifically rewarded the canine family with such a biological mechanism as false breeding. This phenomenon helps to produce milk and feel maternal feelings for all bitches in the flock, in order to care for the offspring in the event that it is left without a biological mother. That is why, according to some veterinarians, false pregnancy is natural for dogs and does not belong to pathology. It's just that some pets tolerate it easily, while others are quite difficult.

An imaginary pregnancy has nothing to do with past or future pregnancies. Therefore, the decision to breed a dog will not stop false breeding in the future. The condition will occur regardless of whether the dog had offspring or not.

Signs of falsehood

Symptoms of a true and false pregnancy often coincide, so you should pay attention to the non-characteristic differences in imaginary pregnancy, which do not occur during a physiological pregnancy. As a rule, the first signs appear at the fourth to eighth week after the end of estrus , after which the state of imaginary pregnancy lasts about another two to three weeks, provided that there are no complications.

The main physiological signs of false pregnancy are:

  • swelling of the mammary glands, colostrum appears, and later milk;
  • enlargement and swelling of the loop, gray or brown discharge from it;
  • appetite changes, disappears or increases;
  • nausea or vomiting occurs;
  • the temperature often rises;
  • imaginary contractions, painful, but without labor.

Specific behavioral symptoms:

  • nervousness and anxiety;
  • apathy (the animal leads a passive lifestyle, does not want to move, does not lend itself to training);
  • the dog equips a place for puppies, hides in secluded places;
  • the maternal instinct wakes up in relation to inanimate objects, for example, the dog cares for and cherishes his favorite toys, like puppies (licks, protects and puts them to the stomach);
  • the dog also experiences maternal instinct in relation to households, pets or children;
  • defense of its place is sometimes accompanied by the aggressiveness of the pet, it is better not to approach the "nest" with a dog.

Treating an imaginary pregnancy in dogs

Treatments for falsehood are selected depending on the severity of the dog's condition. Among them are: non-drug, drug and surgical treatment. It should be remembered that the listed methods are used very individually and under the supervision of a specialist.

Non-drug treatment

Mainly based on changing the dog's lifestyle - increasing the intensity of walking (so that the dog can get rid of the accumulated stress) and diet. In such extreme conditions, the bitch has no time to think and worry about the “offspring”.

Change of diet:

  • complete lack of nutrition on the first day, while it is not recommended to eat or cook in the presence of a dog;
  • an increase in the amount of boiled vegetables in the diet, a decrease in carbohydrates (cereals);
  • complete elimination of milk and all dairy products;
  • when feeding with dry bark - the use of feed marked "Light", they have a reduced protein content;
  • reducing the amount of water intake;
  • muzzle walks to avoid eating or drinking outside.

Lifestyle change:

  • long games and walks that will distract the dog;
  • expressing milk is strictly prohibited, this will cause additional production. It is better to put a special bandage on the dog to prevent milk from licking;
  • any objects that cause maternal feelings in the dog are best removed from the field of view. But this must be done before the onset of a false pregnancy, and not during it;
  • compresses from honey, from cabbage leaves at night will relieve the dog of the roughness of the mammary glands.

The above methods will make it easier for the dog to survive false puberty. If the symptoms persist, then medical treatment is required under the supervision of a veterinarian.

Drug treatment

Medications used to treat false pregnancies can be divided into sedatives and hormonal drugs. It should be remembered that all medications should only be taken on the recommendation of a veterinarian.


From this group "Novopassit" and "Kot Bayun" are well suited, they do not contain alcohol and can be used for dogs of any age. For the most severe cases, you can use Bromcamphor, a sedative recommended for heart problems.

Hormonal drugs

Hormonal medicines are used exclusively when there is a threat to health, because they themselves can cause negative consequences. Medicines used to correct the condition of a dog during a false pregnancy usually contain progesterone, estrogen and androgen. Hormone medications are effective enough to combat an imaginary pregnancy in dogs.


Surgical treatment means spaying the dog . This method, as a way to eliminate false pregnancy, is resorted to in a situation if the breeding of puppies is not planned or there are gynecological diseases, as well as oncological neoplasms. Surgical intervention is performed when the symptoms of falsehood have passed, and only during the period of anestrus.

The consequences of a false pregnancy

Unfortunately, a false pregnancy does not always go away without complications, so vigilant owners should pay special attention to a bitch in a similar state.

The consequences of false breeding can be quite dangerous and can seriously harm the pet's health:

  • pyometra (purulent inflammation of the uterus);
  • endometritis, which often turns into chronic sepsis;
  • mastitis (also sometimes purulent);
  • nervous disorders.

False pregnancy increases the risk of neoplasms, mastitis, but complications are not necessary. In most situations, this state passes without a trace.

How to eliminate the risk of mastitis after false pregnancy

Since the percentage of mastitis occurrence is high, the owners need to know how to prevent the undesirable consequences of imaginary puppyhood.

Mastitis occurs due to stagnation of milk in the breast, but if expressing is prohibited, as it increases milk production, and leaving is threatened with stagnant milk in the breast, then what to do? The problem is solved with a diet low in protein and reduced fluid intake. This helps to reduce lactation.

In order to prevent the dog from licking its own milk, the nipples are lubricated with camphor oil or a special blanket is used.

Take care of the health of your pets, be attentive to their psychological state and let all ailments bypass them!

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