Trump: Dogs Are Sabotaging My Reelection

Trump's trainwreck interview with axios  touched on the upcoming presidential  election  and jonathan swann requested him to additional  elaborate on his risk to presumably not  settle for the end result of the election let's  hear what he needed to say  you informed fox information not too long ago that you simply  could not say whether or not you'd settle for the  outcomes  of the 2020 election what does that  really appear like because the sitting  president  i imply it is unprecedented what would  that truly appear like clinton by no means  accepted she conceded  she conceded on election night time now she  grumbled about it and stated all kinds of  grumbles  okay she wrote books used the phrase  grumbled combat however she wrote books about  it that is positive however i am nearly overwhelmed  i get it i get it from 306 to 223.  

i am not disputing you large hillary  clinton hear what i am asking is is  you are you may be the sitting president  within the white home what does that look  like  not accepting what it appears to be like like are you  litigating let me inform you what it appears to be like  like okay  so we have now a brand new phenomena it is known as  in  it is known as mail in voting the place you  ship the place a governor.

  it has been yesterday's civil conflict in phrases  of the sort of  the sort of tens of millions and tens of millions of  ballots they've by no means  it's going to be it's going to be larger this 12 months  due to the pandemic larger not  larger  massively larger yeah as a result of it is so  they will ship tens of tens of millions  of ballots to california all around the  place  who's going to get them i've a good friend  that lives in west chester they ship  functions  his son handed away he had a gorgeous  great son younger man  handed away seven years in the past he known as me  he stated  i simply bought a you take a look at among the corruption  having to do with common mail-in  voting  absentee voting is okay you must  apply you must undergo a course of  you must apply for failure steve.

it is  the identical factor  conservatives at all times love to make use of animals  to make arguments  um you understand in opposition to one thing like for  occasion like  like once we have been making an attempt to legalize  same-sex marriage as an illustration and  they instantly go to effectively then individuals  can marry their canine and now with this  effectively swiftly canine are gonna get  ballots like they've this bizarre  obsession with making silly arguments  um utilizing animals and by the best way animals  are harmless  um however let's take a look at the precise numbers  is voter fraud via  uh mail-in ballots a factor uh no  it isn't uh in truth in the event you take a look at the  situations of individuals  trying to commit voter fraud via  mail-in ballots uh the  quantity is extremely negligible and  would make no distinction uh.

 when it  involves an election  so that is based mostly on precise evaluation not  right-wing speaking factors which are  regurgitated by idiots on twitter so let  me provide the particulars  so in a washington put up evaluation for  occasion of knowledge collected by  three vote by mail states with assist from  the non-profit  uh digital registration data  heart discovered that officers recognized  simply 372 attainable circumstances  of double voting or voting on behalf of  deceased individuals  out of the 14.6 million votes  solid by mail within the 2016 and 2018  basic elections or simply to provide you a  proportion right here  0.0025 %  does not look like an enormous downside.

let's  transfer on to the subsequent graphic  a 2016 pilot research discovered that the system  might determine potential  circumstances of improper voting by analyzing  states voter historical past information  to detect whether or not people voted  twice  in a number of states or on behalf of a  deceased particular person  112 circumstances of potential fraud out of  about  11 million ballots solid in 5 states  have been turned over to legislation enforcement  authorities or  0.001 %  yet another graphic for you ida and i would like  to listen to your ideas washington  introduced final month  that it had referred 142 circumstances of  suspected  improper voting in 2018 to native  election officers or  0.004 % of extra  of the greater than 3.1 million votes solid  and by the best way.

let me simply  repeat suspected improper voting  so who is aware of what proportion of  what proportion of that tiny quantity  really  did have interaction in improper voting however  nonetheless if each single a kind of  circumstances was confirmed to be true  the quantity once more is so tiny so  negligible  that to make the argument that  disenfranchising voters  and and suppressing voters is price it  is simply ridiculous  completely ridiculous and we all know why  he is in opposition to uh mail-in voting  he needs as little individuals to vote as  attainable as a result of he is an entire and  utter failure and  is uh trailing biden of all individuals and that i  do not even suppose biden's a robust  candidate  within the double digits even in swing  states go forward ida  discover he stated california like uh that  was a slip  you understand.

it was it is on his unconscious  thoughts that california is a state that  they're coming in from california  i i really do not wish to hear something  from  from the president that withheld  individuals's pay  or reduction cash in order that he might put his  identify on their checks  and so they have been sending these checks to  individuals who have been lifeless  and so they made errors there as effectively and  i did not see him  .

you understand uh discuss how flawed his  group  as a result of i name them a company at  this level as a result of that is a criminal offense  operation over there that is not even  a demo democratic authorities anymore he  did not he did not say something about  how flawed that group was and also you  know what's humorous is that  he's so involved with these votes  being counted correctly and the mailing  within the mailing votes being you understand  accounted for  uh accurately however he did not have that  sort of look after  the cash going out to individuals who have been  ravenous throughout a pandemic. 

who have been sheltered in place wish to me  that that is an issue for me you use  far  extra ardour look he was extra passionate  in regards to the votes than he was in regards to the  individuals who died  like if that does not inform you one thing  about who he's  he is extra involved about holding on to  energy  than the life the lives and well-being  of his constituency  no matter the place they're within the  nation and that's very telling so for  me from this  level ahead i simply wish to level out  the continual issues that individuals want  to look out for who nonetheless are on board  with this maniac  as a result of he does not care about your life. 

he cares about your vote greater than he  does about your life  you are you are completely proper i imply  the explanation why there was such  ardour on this portion of the interview  versus  um you understand any kind of feeling any kind  of like human emotion when it got here to  the quantity of people that've died as a  results of coronavirus is as a result of all he  cares about is himself  that is i imply he is confirmed that so many  instances  and that is one more instance of it i  imply one different  unrelated instance is how he is making an attempt to  get a lower  of no matter deal is made between  microsoft and tick tock  that's unprecedented unethical unheard  of  however he is like a mob boss he is continually  searching for alternatives  to additional his political aspirations.  

however extra importantly to additional enrich  himself and his firm  his group trump group with  that stated  i do wish to go to this one um a part of  the interview that identical to  it was simply unbelievable to me as a result of he  is  additionally delusional in regards to the quantity of  people who're prepared to place their  lives in danger to go  see him at rallies and different election  occasions  um needless to say he does these  occasions realizing that it is extremely  harmful uh  throughout this pandemic however he does it  anyway. 

let's check out what he had  to say throughout this interview although by  june  we knew issues have been unhealthy and you understand the  final time i used to be with you  was the the day earlier than your tulsa rally  within the oval  and you understand you have been saying  large large crowd it was indoors by the best way  these individuals they  hearken to you excuse me yeah we had a 19  000 seat stadium initially we had 12  000 individuals not 6 000 which you reported  one other paper report  however you could not even get in it was like  an armed camp  why would you need 120 black lives  matter individuals i perceive that why  would you may have one  excuse me wait and tulsa effectively as a result of  that space was an excellent space on the  time it was an space that was  just about over after  after a month later it began going up  that is a month later however tulsa was a  excellent oklahoma was doing very effectively  as a state it was  nearly free it spiked a month later a  month and a half two months later however  it was a superb space we had an incredible  floor. 

we had great response  you could not even it was like an armed  camp you could not even get via  you could not get anyone in however we had  12 000 individuals it was incorrectly  reported  the opposite factor we had that no one needs  to speak about so fox  broadcast it it was the very best ranking  within the historical past of fox tv  saturday night time okay so um let's let's  discuss what's necessary right here which  is uh the state of affairs in tulsa  each earlier than and after the rally um  particularly in the case of the quantity  of people that had examined optimistic for  kovid in order of june 10th.  

uh there have been uh 117 new circumstances of  coronavirus  in oklahoma roughly a month later there  have been 1714 new circumstances  and sure native politicians and  authorities within the state of oklahoma  did verify that trump's rally was a  tremendous spreader occasion  though it was a brilliant spreader occasion i  additionally wish to  right and debunk what trump stated in in  that video as a result of the reality is  uh his crowd was not large we reported on  this  uh the individuals on tick tock uh mobilized  and and you understand  purchased tickets or i should not say purchased  they reserved tickets which they did not  present up for  however that wasn't the one factor fortunately  even trump supporters  are considerably subtle sufficient to  perceive that going to  uh the rally would have been a horrible  thought and so the tulsa hearth division  estimated the group  on the tulsa rally was slightly below 6  200 individuals far lower than um  the capability which was 19 200 individuals  and uh only.

recently he was bragging  about his crowds and uh that is what his  large crowds appear like today  let's check out the final graphic  right here yeah  large crowd large crowd and no point out  okay no point out of herman cain um which  i believe is so  dishonorable and that is what they do  with individuals of colour that they  whereas they whereas they'll use them as  tokens to  you understand converse their their factors about  individuals of colour after which this man handed  away  and so they wish to distance themselves as  a lot as they'll in order that  he his dying is just not related to that  rally the place.  

he was and not using a masks round different  individuals  and why does it matter why is he so  involved with these numbers and never the  numbers of the people who find themselves dying in  this nation proper like  we have been speaking about numbers with  donald trump since an  inauguration which he's he has  this fantasy about these imaginary  folks that present as much as help him that  nobody else can verify  however he is at all times speaking about his  cognitive abilities you understand we have now to  like  test in with him there there was you  know like  and also you simply take into consideration him he needs to  do that with tick-tock he tried to do  away with it  he talked about promoting puerto rico  promoting a rustic a means that was so  mistreated and mishandled by him throughout  a hurricane like i do not perceive why  individuals  are nonetheless speaking about donald trump  and much more why they're nonetheless speaking  to him  all we must be targeted about is how  we eliminate this most cancers  that has set our nation our  civilization again  although numerous this stuff have  been occurring no one's denying that  systemic racism hasn't been right here.  

however in the event you take a look at the situation of the  nation  it is like a automotive that was okay and it's  now  prepared for the junkyard that is what he is  accomplished with america  making enjoyable of different international locations which have  dealt with this pandemic much more  subtle than him  international locations which are being that girls are  working who've confirmed up  and actually dealt with this disaster he known as  it a plague  he known as this pandemic a plague run the  tape again to a couple months in the past  to what he was calling it then now it is  a plague nevertheless it's a play as a result of he  needs to affiliate it  to china as a result of china did not deal with it  america of america is just not  china's downside  it isn't thanks for watching the younger  troops actually recognize it  one other technique to present help is thru  youtube memberships you may get to  work together with us extra there's  dwell chat emojis badges you have bought  emojis of me  anna john jr so these are tremendous enjoyable however  you additionally get  playback of our unique member solely  reveals  and specials proper after they air so all  that  all you bought to do is click on that be part of  button proper beneath the video thank  you  

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