once nearly extinct the Rottweiler hasbecome one of the most popular dogbreeds the Rottweiler is perhaps alsoone of the most misunderstood like themythical Greek hero Hercules theRottweiler is strong and true with aloving heart affectionately calledrotties a-rod's a well-bred Rottweileris calm and confident he's a naturalguard dog with a mellow disposition whois successful not only in police andmilitary work but also as a familyfriend and protector hi welcome toanimal facts today we discuss the activeintelligent muscular and confidentRottweiler but before we start make sureto hit that subscribe button and clickthe bell icon to become part of ameditation squad to not miss a singlefact Rottweilers are one of the mostancient breeds Rottweilers a working dogbreed is sent from the molasses amastiff type dogwhich marched to Germany with the Romansdriving the cattle that sustained themas they conquered the known world manywere left behind and in the town of rutwhile in southern Germany they becamethe breed we know today Rottweilers wereworking dogs from the start drivingcattle to marketpulling carts guarding the homestead andeven carrying money to him from marketand money belts tied around their necksnumber nine the Rottweiler had almostgone extinct near the turn of the 20thcentury when smaller dogs took over manyof their functions and were easier tomaintainluckily dedicated breeders revived thebreed and it ranks as one of the mostpopular breeds in the United Statestoday a best-selling series ofbeautifully illustrated children's booksby Alexandre day is about a Rottweilernamed Karl and his adventures titlesinclude good dog Karl Karl's birthdayand Karl's afternoon in the park you canfind links in the description below theyare known for their affection andloyaltywhile they may appear intimidating atfirst Rottweilers are known by theirowners to be fiercely loving loyalaffectionate and even playful despitetheir large size bra flowers haven't theslightest idea that they may be hard tocuddle with so don't be surprised whenyours tries to desperately come intoyour lap keep in mind though that thebreed tends to be reserved whenconfronted with strangers and propertraining from early puppy that isnecessary to teach them social skillsand harness their natural protectiveinstinctsunderstandin even if you train asocializer Rottweiler expect to besubjected to sometimes unfair advancedjudgments about your dog maybe evenhaving untrue allegations made about himand his activities because of thecurrent prejudice against dogs such asRottweilers and claims that they can bedangerous who may have to carry extraliability insurance to all one dependingupon the ordinances in your town in someareas you may not even be able to own aRottweiler or may be forced to give upany that you have this is called breedspecific legislation the blanket termfor laws to either regulate or bancertain breeds often based on fear andmedia hypethe official Rottweiler breed standardwas established in 1921 and has remainedlargely unchanged since then theRottweiler breed standard usuallydescribes them as being a medium tolarge sized dogs today many people thinkof the Rottweiler breed as a giant breedand some breeders striving wisely tobreed extra-large dogsaccording to the standard a male rowdyshould measure between 24 and 27 inchesat the shoulder and a female between 22and 23 inches weights should fallsomewhere between 75 and 130 poundsdinos being towards the lower end of therangeeveryone knows that ass less best friendas their pet and lightly so the rod hasgained a considerable popularity in thecelebrity world some celebs who've hadrowdy companions include Will SmithLeonardo DiCaprio Bruno Mars Miley Cyrusand Sir Elton John hey check us out onTwitter and Facebooklinks can be found below the Rottweilerlifespan is on the shorter end of thescale partly because of their size andpartly because of the health problemsthis breed is predisposed to the averagelife expectancy for our Rottweiler issomewhere between 7 and 10 yearsRottweiler shed a lot they may have ashort coat that looks like it'swash-and-wearbut don't let that fool you you'll needto groom your Roddy regularly and loosedog hair will become part of your liferollers are always black with the samebrown markings on their chest faced andPaul's according to the American KennelClub the brown spots can come in threedifferent variations rust tan andmahogany thanks to the Roddy's historyas a herder the dog has a habit ofbuffing into people animals and thingswhen it wants them to fall into linewhile trained Rottweilers are gentlereaders don't recommend the dogs forhouseholds with young children or theelderly based at a large kid Rottweilershave an extremely impressive bite theirjaws are stronger than German Shepherdsand pit bulls with a bite force of 328pounds that's about half of a shark'sbite force that's six hundred andsixty-nine pounds well there you have itten impressive facts about amisunderstood breed what other factscould we have included what's yourfavorite dog let us know in the commentsbelow before you go take a moment tolike and subscribe for more fun faunafacts check us out on Twitter andFacebook links can be found on ourchannel page if you'd like to help thischannel grow consider becoming a patronon patreon or clicking the PayPal buttonon animal facts us and as always catchyou next time


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