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Best Pet Insurance Companies

We all love our pets and we'd do anything we can for them.  In the event of a serious medical problem having pet insurance can save you a lot of heartaches.  Whether it's a scrape, bite wound, or injury, health crises can happen quickly.  

Dogs love to explore items with their mouths and sometimes accidentally swallow objects that can pose a serious health threat.  A stick of gum or a few breaths mints containing xylitol can spell death to a dog's liver.  

Our pets also can get sick. Unfortunately, research indicates that disease in our pets is still on the rise.  I believe this is primarily due to the increased popularity of unhealthy grain-based diets.  You can learn more about that in some of our articles.  

Most of us wouldn't think of going through life without health insurance.  Why should our pets? Especially when pet insurance can be pretty affordable.  Coverage includes accidents, illnesses, and even wellness such as routine office visits and vaccinations.  Learn about the different kinds of policies available, what they cost, and discover how the top  10 pet insurance companies rank. Prevention is always better and much cheaper than any cure.  

The Best Pet Insurance Companies

Editor's Picks Brand Rating
Best All-Rounder Embrace Pet Insurance 4.6
Runner Up Healthy Paws Pet Insurance 4.6
Best for a Price Range Petfirst Pet Insurance 4.3
Best for Pre-existing Situations Pet Assure 4.3
Best With Additional Riders Trupanion 4.1

Best All-Rounder: Embrace Pet Insurance

The best pet insurance is in our top pick is to Embrace Pet Insurance. This cost $10/month for cats and $16/month for dogs. which is very valuable in the market. You love your pet. They're your best friends, your family.  And you'd do anything to protect them, especially if they get sick or injured.   

And submitting a claim is simple. Just have someone from your vet's office fill out a claim form, get a copy of your invoice, and send them both to Embrace.  That's it. We'll process your claim and let you know when it's done.  

Covered claims are usually paid within two days of processing.  Embrace also offers up to 90% back on bills at any vet;  the Healthy Pet Deductible, the pet insurance industry's only diminishing deductible feature, and 24/7 online account access through your MyEmbrace customer account.  

No pet insurance company covers pre-existing conditions, so ensuring your pet early guarantees the most coverage.  

Important Features of Embrace Pet Insurance:

  • This covers dogs and cats 6 weeks to 14 years
  • Quickly claimed
  • Get benefited discount offers on multiple pet, military, and employee 
  • Covers office visit
  • Cover on various treatment
  • Diminishing deductible

Check out our top pick Embrace Pet Insurance Review in detail.

Runner up: Healthy Paws Pet Insurance


Monthly Premium $35 for dogs and $25 for cats
Deductible $100, $200, $500, or $750
Benefits Limits 70%, 80% or 90% of annual costs
Age Restrictions 8 weeks and as old as 14 years

Visit the Healthy Paws Pet Insurance website or get a quote for a pet insurance

Title of the document Visit Insurer Website

Your pet is part of your family your best friend when you come home they make you feel special but sometimes they may get sick or hurt. This costs $25/month for cats and $35/month for dogs.

 An example of a pet named Sherman had broken his leg not once but twice and he had to have surgery which came to about $6,000 healthy paws pet insurance pays up to 90% of your pet medical bills and you can see any licensed veterinarian you want. 

I went out and did a lot of research into which pet insurance company would be the one that we would go with I can tell you that healthy paws rose to the top every time healthy paws covers the cost of treatment related to accidents, illness, cancer, emergency care and much much more. This is the right choice with healthy paws with over 4,000  customer reviews.

Healthy paws are rated number one now you can give your pet the best medical care without worrying about the cost get your free quote now.     

Important Features of Healthy Paws Pet Insurance:

  • It can cover up to 8 weeks to 14 years old
  • Yearly deductible
  • The easy and fast claim process
  • Application is user friendly
  • You can choose your deductible and coverage

Best For Price Range: Petfirst Pet Insurance

Monthly Premium $6 for cats and $12 for dogs
Deductible $50 to $500
Benefits Limits 70 to 90 percent
Age Restrictions Minimum age: 8 weeks
Maximum age: none

Visit the Petfirst Pet Insurance website or get a quote for a pet insurance

Title of the document Visit Insurer Website

You have options when insuring your pet, which is why PetFirst makes purchasing a plan easy and offers the most comprehensive coverage for dogs and cats with the fewest exclusions. This cost $6/month for cats and $12/month for dogs.

Enrolling is easy. There is no sign-up fee, and PetFirst is the only provider that doesn’t require a vet exam, a comprehensive medical history, or have routine wellness care and vaccination requirements in order to obtain and maintain coverage. Plus, PetFirst has the shortest waiting periods in the industry.

There is no risk when buying a policy because PetFirst offers a 14-day money-back guarantee. There is no network of providers with PetFirst – you get to use any licensed veterinarian, specialist, or emergency clinic.

Our plan offers robust annual benefit options, with no per-incident or lifetime limits on reimbursement, and no schedule of benefits – allowing you to focus on your pet’s care, not the cost.

With a PetFirst Pet Insurance plan, you can expect reimbursement for the following: accidents, illnesses, hereditary conditions, congenital conditions, chronic conditions, hospitalizations, surgeries, diagnostic tests, exam fees, x-rays, ultrasounds, scans, emergency care, medications, holistic care.

Plus, PetFirst offers coverage for issues other pet insurance companies do not, such as: bi-lateral conditions, periodontal disease, orthopedic conditions, dermatological conditions, injuries caused by housemates, vaccinate diseases, aging ear, and eye conditions, more than one foreign body ingestion per year, and experimental or investigational treatments. 

Important Features of Petfirst Pet Insurance:

  • There is no maximum benefit
  • You can claim policy within two week
  • There is no vet exam required to start this policy
  • There are lots of option like deductibles and annual maximums
  • It has short waiting periods

Best for Pre-Existing Situations: Pet Assure

Monthly Premium $8 for cats and $10 for dogs
Deductible NA
Benefits Limits 25% of covered services
Age Restrictions NA

Visit the Pet Assure Insurance website or get a quote for a pet insurance

Title of the document Visit Insurer Website

Pet assure is a nationally recognized veterinary discount program. so once you pay or it and become a member you are then able to get 25% off of any veterinary care at a participating vet.  there are thousands of veterinary clinics in the nation. This cost $8/month for cats and $10/month for dogs.

I mean literally any dog any age any health can get accepted into the program.  which is really cool and so like I said  once accepted in you get 25% off at any  participating vet 

The nice thing about pet assures they include like I  said 25% off of all veterinary care. So, you would get 25% off of your office visit fee your exam fee, x-rays, shots any other type of veterinary work that they do in the facility. it's pretty cool you won't get 25% off of any medications they sent home with you so any like flea or tick preventative appointment anything like that. 

You also won't get 25% off of their grooming or if they need to send your blood work out to some lab but they need to do something like an outside contract with what's up you won't get  25% off of that either but that's cool I  mean most of the stuff that you're gonna do is in-house anyway so you'll get the  25% off.

Important Features of PetAssure:

  • There are no  deductibles
  • There are no like breed  restrictions 
  • No age restrictions 
  • No current illness restrictions
  • There are no hereditary condition restrictions  

Best With Additional Riders: Trupanion Pet Insurance

Monthly Premium $22 for cats and $36 for dogs
Deductible Customizable between $0 and $1,000
Benefits Limits 90%
Age Restrictions As old as 14 years

Visit the Trupanion website or get a quote for pet insurance

Title of the document Visit Insurer Website

As a loving, responsible pet owner you know what it takes to care for your pet.  Love, exercise, good food, and your veterinarian's recommended checkups or routine maintenance. 

But do you know how to budget for the cost of veterinary care when or if your pet becomes sick or injured? That's where  Trupanion comes in. Trupanion understands the cost of veterinary care and can help you prepare for the future.  This cost $22/month for cats and $36/month for dogs.

Costs can vary dramatically depending on several factors, such as your pet's breed,  age, or the local cost of veterinary, specialty, and emergency care. They are committed to being open, honest, and transparent about how we payout for claims. On average we will spend 70 cents per dollar on claims - more than any other company in the industry. 

If your pet has average health over its entire life  Trupanion understands the cost, then adds 30% on top to determine the appropriate and fair monthly cost for your pet. About half of this additional cost goes towards operating the business and providing excellent customer service,  like the ability to pay your vet directly and 24/7 phone support. 

Important Features of Trupanion:

  • There is no maximum age limit
  • Annual  maximum and deductibles options
  • Claimed can be processed in two weeks
  • To start the coverage, there is no need for a vet exam
  • It has a short waiting period

How did we found about best pet insurance?

Few things to be kept in mind while choosing a pet insurance plan. If you are planning to get the best insurance plan for your pet, you should follow some factors like annual/monthly premiums, limitations like annual and lifetime maximum, deductibles, age limitations & waiting period for  coverage

Annual or Monthly Premiums

Premium is the amount, which is paid annually and monthly coverage of our pet according to the insurance plans. If you have chosen a plan with higher premiums, it means they are associated with lower deductibles and lifetime maximums. In some factors, higher premiums offer lab work, veterinary care needs, and medications.

When you plan to choose low premiums, you will need to pay monthly. It provides veterinary care of your pets with lower maximum benefits and higher deductibles.  We found that the insurance plans offer various coverage levels that allow the pet owners to customize the plan according to their budget and needs.


When the insurance plan starts paying money, the money we give from our pocket is called the deductible. Lower deductibles mean less money out of your pocket and higher deductibles mean we pay more in the early stages.

We have seen the pet plan.  Which allows us to choose a deductible.  Who will help pet owners to choose the plan according to the budget if there the animal is sick or injured?

A deductible is an out-of-pocket expense that you are responsible for covering before your pet insurance company will start to reimburse your costs. 

There are three types of pet insurance deductibles 

  1. Annual 
  2. Per condition lifetime and 
  3. Per condition yearly 

Our favorite is an annual deductible where you pay one deductible each year. No matter how many conditions illnesses and accidents are treated throughout the policy year you are covered after that single deductible has been met.

Per condition or per incident means you will have a  deductible for each condition or incident that your pet is treated for, For example, a broken leg would be considered a separate condition from an ear infection and each treatment would have its own deductible but that's not all there are two per condition deductibles to look out for.

Lifetime: This means that once you've paid the deductible for a condition you are then covered for that condition for life. 

Yearly:  Our least favorite model would require you not only to pay a deductible for each separate condition but also every policy year your deductible will reset. again the motto for pet insurance is to plan for the unexpected so we suggest the annual deductible. 

Benefit Limits

Depending on the pet insurance company.  your plan could have unlimited lifetime benefits or your benefits could be capped on an annual or lifetime basis. we prefer plans with unlimited lifetime benefits veterinary care costing $5,000  or more is becoming very common and having a plan without limits means you can give your pet the best care possible.  you may just find that a plan with benefit caps will work just fine for your needs.  just remember to plan for the unexpected to find the best plan for you.

Coverage Exclusions

When we are evaluating the best pet insurance plan. Some exclusions are included in all pet insurance plans like lab services, veterinary services, examination fees. Some insurance companies won’t enroll new pets for a certain age. 

Some companies offered extra Services like grooming, training which are not covered under certain pet insurance companies.

Waiting Periods for Coverage

Pet insurance companies having a waiting period of few days to a week before coverage begins. For certain significant injuries, it takes 12 months waiting period for different veterinary needs.  The waiting period for coverage is based on injuries, illness, and treatments.

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