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I owned a Mastiff mix. He lived to be 16 years old. When we moved up here from the city, we realized what an incredible dog he was. He protected us. He would go with the kids on hikes out on this property.

And when he got to the age of getting close to passing away, we started researching Mastiff breeds that met his temperament. Not by looks or anything like that but purely by temperament. And the Boerboel best described that.

Boerboel Dog

About two years after we started researching the breed, we brought home our first one. We moved here 20 years ago and with our other dogs, prior to the Boerboels, we would have bears getting into the trash can all the time.


There would be a lot of evidence of mountain lions taking down deer close by the house. And once we got the Boerboels, we saw that diminish greatly. The Boerboels  have an incredible sense of smell.
We can be in the house and they can all of a sudden throw their nose up in the air and know that there's a large animal outside.

Which is kind of neat? It made me feel-- I was a city girl. I didn't grow up in the mountains, so coming up here was a little scary for me.

And that really helped me to feel safe. I love that I can take one or two dogs and we can outside of the fence and go on a hike right here.

Good exercise for them, they have three yards that they can just stretch their legs in and run and wrestle. They are big wrestlers, they love to do that. And we just let them.

So, right now my pack consists of six dogs total. I have two males and four females. Here's Nzuri. (dog pants) Nzuri. (kisses lips) (dogs pant) He's my alpha male, he's the oldest. He is six years old. He's a strong male. He does not like everybody he meets.

BHe can be very protective. (dog barks) And so we are cautious with him with people. We typically like to introduce through the fence, over the fence.

Not just have somebody walk in. And then this is Johari, she's my alpha female and she's almost six years old.

This is gonna be her last litter. She produces some beautiful puppies and you'll meet one of 'em a little bit later.

My male, Bu. And we also have her granddaughter here on campus. So I'm not gonna make her do too much today because she's due to have puppies next week and I don't wanna work in too hard.
The great thing about Nzuri is that he,  conformationally, he's really nice.  (dog pants) His head could be a little more square. But because he is so thick, he doesn't move nearly as well as his son who has a much more athletic build.

So, but conformation-wise, he has great conformation, he scores well. He's got decent, he could be better in rear angulation which is pretty typical for Boerboels, we lack rear angulation. (dog pants) But other than that, he's a solid dog. So this male is a son of my older male. And they were, they played together, they did everything together until this guy started mating.

And then he got a little cocky. (chuckles) Got a little bit of an attitude. (chuckles) And although there was never any incident or fight, I could just tell that their relationship had changed.

So I don't allow them to have direct contact. They can be separated by a baby gate and they're fine. Fence to fence, they're fine.

They can be nose to nose through a fence, they're fine. It's just I'm overcautious and don't wanna take that chance. I have had male Boerboels fights before where we've had an older male come in as an older male and break through the fence to get to my male and male Boerboel fights are horrible. They're a mess.

Even with the females, sometimes even though they can all be hanging out in the living room together, there are certain times when we do separate them and shuffle them because heat cycles, they get moody. Pregnancies, they can get moody.

 And so there's just different times. So my dogs do live in the home, so typically, if I have everybody in the house, one male would be behind a baby gate in a bedroom and the other male would be out and I just switch 'em out, so they each get pack time.

We have Bu.  He is almost 29 inches at the shoulder. And he's between 145 and 150.

He is a therapy certified dog. He loves therapy visits but he's also incredibly intense. So anything that Bu does, he does pretty intensely.

Stay. Stand. You see his build is far more athletic than his dad. He can move much better and quicker. His negatives are his angulation, of course. If I could change anything about him, I'd give him more rear angulation.

But other than that his front-- Bu (kisses lips) Come here. (dog pants) His head is really nice. He's got a beautiful front, he's got a straight front.

A lot of times, what we're seeing is the easty westy feet and you don't wanna see that, it's really bad, it's poor. So nice straight front. (chuckles) He's wanting to. (laughs) This one has a pretty high prey drive.

Well, actually, all three of these have pretty high prey drive. Prey, play drive. Bu is an offspring from Nzuri and Johari. This is Saabi or Saabira, I brought her in from Michigan. Saabi is four years old, going on five.

And she would be the one I would call the most fiesty. She has the most gumption. She's the one most likely to take off your hand if you reach over the fence.

She's small. She is only 23 and a half inches at the shoulder and she runs about 110, 115. We love her, she's most protective, most intense. She's just a really great dog. Saabi (kisses lips) Ki, come. (dogs pant) And this is their daughter, Ki.

So Ki is my third generation. conformationally, she hasn't been scored yet. She's four months old, she'll be scored this spring. But conformationally, she's pretty darn correct. he's a pretty nice dog. Nice straight front. When she stands right, she's got decent angulation. It's not perfect, but it's decent, it's good.
Boerboel Dog

She's got a nice head, she's a nice female. The baby of the pack is Ama and she was just imported from South Africa along with her sister, Cosmo, who Kim owns. And they are five months now.
They're a little different than what we're used to. They're incredibly high energy. - The reason we imported the dogs from South Africa was to improve on the rear angulation. Also to improve on the lines. We needed to broaden our lines, the lineage of the Boerboels.

 (dog pants) - You can get a lot of varying thoughts on where the breed really originated. Basically, it came over on the great truck to South Africa.

The dogs, the Mastiffs that they brought with them, the hunting dogs made it with the South African native dogs and somehow, along the way, the breed began. 1950 is when they really started focusing on, what is it? I have the name written down.

Diager started focusing on breeding them. After that, it wasn't until 1983 when they decided to gather a select number of these dogs, name them, make them a breed and breed them specifically for their job as farm protectors.

 I would say they're the best Mastiff for farm protection and guardians. If you have livestock, - [Jennifer] Stay. - Or you have property that you need to protect.
But for just the average dog owner, they're not the best Mastiff, they are a lot of work. A lot of socialization, a lot of training.

They are a lot of work. - I would say that there's many different aspects to the Boerboel community. When you say community, I think of one big community that's bound together by one set of goals and I don't think that's true in the Boerboel breed.

 I think that there's may sub-communities within the Boerboel breed. - [Interviewer] Okay. - So, there's some who really only believe they should be farm dogs. Purely farm dogs. There's others that are doing different things. Competing, sports, dog sports.

Several of mine are therapy dogs, they could do therapy visits. So there's just a big, there's just a huge variety. My objective with the breed is to continue, I don't want to water them down so much that they're not what they should be.

I mean, they have to maintain that protective instinct. There are a few that don't, you know. And there's a few that are overboard. And they're working dogs. They should be able to work, if you ask them to work. That work could be multiple things.

It could be dock jumping. It could be farm. I could be moving firewood. It could be pulling a sled. It could be the guardian protection.

It could be going on therapy visit, and visiting people could be their work. So they are a working dog and if you don't keep them working, doing something, they tend to get bored, and destructive. Like I said, I have a couple that are therapy dogs.

I have a couple that could not be therapy dogs. - [Interviewer] Why? - I wanna keep their working ability.

I want to keep them lean and athletic. They need to be able to move and do their job. And they can't protect if they can't get up off the couch.

If you think about what the original purpose of the breed was, is to be on the farm and protect the livestock. And they would do that in packs. You wouldn't have a single Boerboel out there protecting against a hyena or a lion, they would do that in packs.

 So, therefore, the Boerboels had to be able to think on their own. And do the job without being directed. But in the home environment, in the pet environment, you don't really want them to be free thinkers.

You don't want them taking over 'cause they will. They are dominant, they will try to direct your home to get what they want and to rule the roost. And oftentimes, their dominance is overlooked because they can be very well-behaved, so you don't really notice that.

It's really important to have a bond with your breeders to help you understand when those situations come and when they hit.

And it can, suddenly a 10-month-old male can start showing severe dominance because the boundaries have not been set from day one.

The dog hasn't been made to follow guidelines and rules. And because they're so cute and adorable as puppies, they've kind of pushed their way into the leadership role of the family in the household.
Some of the signs of your dog ruling the roost, it can start very subtly. In the beginning, by pushing through a door in front of you.

Not obeying on the first command. Refusing to eat certain places. Refusing certain foods so that you feel bad for the puppy and you give it what it wants.

And it can escalate all the way up to your own dog growling at you. Barking, biting, showing dominance with visitors and that type of thing. - Both of us feed our Boerboels strictly raw, it's a prey model raw. We have found that the dogs are much healthier.

We have less incidents of any kind of health problem. It seems to be about the same cost when you look at it health-wise as a good quality kibble.

Are Boerboel dogs dangerous?

Boerboel dogs dangerous

"Like another breed the dog is simply pretty much as good or dangerous because it has been raised," one man wrote, including that he is had three Boerboels as pets, none of which was harmful.

Can a Boerboel kill a lion?

Alright, so how massive is the pack? It might take a minimal of 25 Boerboel to kill a male lion considering it takes about 20 Noticed Hyena to take a male lion

The Boerboel could also be a big dog however contemplating its home and smaller than the Noticed Hyena. Even a wolf would have a troublesome time towards the African Spotted Hyena contemplating its superior chunk drive (Upto 2000 psi)

Contemplating the Boerboel would not have the best chunk drive of home canids (Kangal) and is not the heaviest/largest it could have a troublesome time towards a wild lion.
The Boerboel is 70 cm tall and may weigh up to 90 kg

It might possible take over 30 home dogs contemplating their necks and skulls are extraordinarily weak to being mauled and even crushed by paw swipes. Folks are inclined to underestimate massive cats and overestimate their very own pets

What is a Boerboel a mix of?

The fashionable Boerboel is probably a mixture of at the very least two or three breeds. The dog makes use of had been very assorted in its early historical past; colonial life in Africa required that the breed be a sufficient tracker, a searching dog, an assault dog and an intimidating guard dog.

In the course of the Boer Battle and the migration of the vast majority of the Boer folks inland, the Boerboel grew to become scattered all through South Africa.

The breed discovered properties with plenty of settlers of assorted European backgrounds, together with the English.

Do Boerboels bark a lot?

The Boerboel is a mastiff dog breed from South Africa. A Boerboel will bark at strangers that come into his territory .

The breed was developed as a common farm dog -- his identity means farmer dog -- and for guarding however has since develop into a well-liked household pet.

The Boerboel is clever, obedient and dependable. The Boerboel bonds effectively together with his household and may develop into fairly protecting.

For essentially the most half, the Boerboel breed will not be identified for being overly vocal. They barks when someone comes in their area, however he will not sometimes bark at each sound or change in his setting.

 The one time that you could be discover a Boerboel getting excessively vocal with out an apparent trigger is that if he's bored or stressed.

The Boerboel wants loads of train; if a person would not have an outlet for his power, he can develop into harmful, simply excitable, and fairly vocal.

Which is stronger boerboel or rottweiler?

Each Boerboel and Rottweiler are large stronger dog breeds and effectively characterized by their massive muscularized physique.

Each are just like Mastiff sort dog breeds. Boerboels can be found in brindle, tawny, brown and pink-brown coat colors, whereas Rottweilers can be found in solely black color with rust markings on their coat.

Each dogs are effectively often known as watch or guard dogs. The primary distinction between Boerboel and Rottweiler is their look.

Boerboel: Boerboel is about 22 to 30 inches in top
Rottweiler: Rottweiler is about 24 to 27 inches in top.

Physique Dimension
Boerboel: An grownup male of Boerboel is bigger than that of Rottweiler.
Rottweiler: An grownup Rottweiler is smaller than a Boerboel.

Coat Colour
Boerboel: Boerboels have brindle, tawny, brown and pink brown colours.
Rottweiler: Rottweillers have just one coat colour: black with rust marking.

Coat Texture
Boerboel: The coat is brief and easy.
Rottweiler: The coat is difficult, shiny and dense.

Life Span
Boerboel: Boerboels stay 9 to 10 years.
Rottweiler: Rottweillers stay about 12 years

Boerboel: They're helpful as working dogs and guard dogs.
Rottweiler: They're helpful as drovers, police dogs, and companions.

Are Boerboels easy to train?

Boerboels easy to train

The Boerboel is a big dog that's sturdy, assured, and muscular with a particular, blocky head. Regardless of its dimension, it's the most agile of the mastiff-type breeds.

The phrase Boerboel means "Farm Dog" and it serves as a successful working dog in addition to a loyal companion in its dwelling nation of South Africa.

The pores and skin of a Boerboel ought to be darkish on his abdomen and underneath his fur, in addition to the roof of his mouth, which protects towards warmth and solar.

The coat is brief, dense coat could be brindle, brown, cream, reddish-brown or tawny.
The Boerboel is self assured and fearless. It's extremely dedicated to household and affectionate with youngsters it is aware of, however could be aggressive towards strangers.

Pals and different pets ought to be launched with care, ideally early within the dog’s life. The Boerboel has an unusually excessive requirement for human companionship—durations of isolation will end in harmful and disobedient habits.

How To Train Boerboels Puppy?

Simple Coaching: The Boerboel is a clever breed that requires constant, agency, optimistic reinforcement. The Boerboel Puppy ought to have a dominant proprietor who could be strict when needed and make sure the dog’s obedience.

Boerboels Puppy Training Tips

Having a dog or puppy comes with quite a lot of obligation. Dogs want a secure setting and in addition a nutritious diet. They want vet therapy. And in addition, they want training, focus, and plenty of coaching to Boerboels.

It is no shock that as well as to looking for a dog who's easy to have, a lot of folks desire a pet dog that may simply be taught new strategies (or be taught to eradicate himself exterior).

Whereas all dogs could be educated, there are some which can be simpler than others. All dogs are folks, in fact, so this itemizing is a broad generalization of which breeds are typically pretty very straightforward to coach normal obedience and in addition home manners.

Where are Boerboels Banned?

There are, nonetheless, some international locations which have banned or prohibited the import of those dogs.

There are some native restrictions in some U.S. states.  For instance, in keeping with Petolog,  France, Romania, the Bermuda Islands, and Singapore are a few of these areas the place Boerboel dogs will not be permitted to reside.

If you're contemplating the addition of one among these dogs, remember to test whether or not they're authorized in your space.

Fanciers of the breed love the calm, secure temperament in addition to their obedience and intelligence.  In Africa, they're nonetheless the preferred breed of farmers and utilized in extra city areas for a similar cause:  They instincts to protect and defend.

Boerboel Temperament

Are Boerboels aggressive? Regardless of their large dimension and highly effective look, Boerboel has a really playful, pleasant and affectionate temperament making a terrific household companion. They love their household and are very protective of them.

As a guard dog, they've an excessive intuition to guard their household and their territory.
They type a powerful bond with all the members of the family and have a terrific affection in direction of them. Boerboel get effectively with different dog and non-dog pets effectively if they're raised collectively.

Nevertheless, it's not a good suggestion to deliver a male dog in a household in case your Boerboel is grown up.

What are the Boerboel colors?

In the case of color, the vast majority of Boerboels are available in shades of brown, pink, or fawn, all acceptable colors in most breed requirements, and all of which have identical base color by no matter identify it’s referred to as.

The AKC breed normal for the breed provides that, “disqualifying colors are black (that will be black and not using a hint of brindle), black with white markings, and a ‘powder coat.

Moreover, in 2017, members of the Boerboel UK Society voted that no black dog, no black dog dilute, blue, gray, lilac or chocolate could possibly be registered, appraised, nor promoted in any approach, and that everyone black dog genetics had been banned from the breed normal, database and registration inside Boerboel UK.

We received’t get into black Boerboels with this publish as a result of that matter is deserving of a stand-alone publish. Nonetheless, some exterior the breed may ask, “What's a “powder coat and the way do I spot one?”

In a Boerboel a “powder coat” is a blue dog (one thing that may appear like metal grey to a few of us) that seems to be “dusty,” or dusted in powder.

Regretfully, we had been unable to search out a suitable photograph of a “powder” blue Boerboel, and could be beholden to anybody who might share one with us within the feedback part under.

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