2020 The Best Dog Collar With Tracking Device

The Best Dog Collar With Tracking Device

I'm here today to talk about a GPS and activity tracker caller from Phi if you are in the market for one and you are interested in getting one.

I would be willing to try out their GPS and activity collar so of course I love technology and you know it's never a bad thing to have a piece of equipment that is attached to your dog other than a microchip that can actually track your dog.

Dog Collar With Tracking Device

If they were to get lost or run away so this is the collar and the GPS unit the you know activity tracker it also comes with a base that you plug in to connect to your Wi-Fi so far the designs of the actual collar.

I really like you can choose between a yellow or a grey and I wanted a yellow just because he has long hair and I wanted it to kind of stand out you can also from the app choose to have this light right here blink or not blink in I chose to not have it blank because I didn't know how long battery life was going to be so which I will get into that but yeah I like the design it's nice and durable it's not real noisy like a lot of colors that I've had and I really like the color.

So I have no complaints whatsoever with the design the durability etc this is the base slash charger like I said you've connect this to your Wi-Fi. it's a setup is super easy and when the Charlet or the caller needs recharge do you just put it on this.

So this is the box that it comes in opening it up it was very organized the colors right here and if you open this up this is worth the charger and the the base the charger and the cords for it wrap so with like most electronical things that require a nap.

They can sometimes be either super easy to setup or extremely difficult and on a scale of one to ten this one is a ten it was super easy to set up it was just a breeze if there was no lag nothing it just flew right through it gives you step by step step by step instructions and I couldn't be more happier with it so I've been using this color for almost a week now.

I am pleasantly surprised how well it actually works I have done some testing with it in the app when you set it up you can set up a boundary around your house and basically if your dog was to pass this boundary you will then get a notification that your dog is gone or you know left the boundary.

You can also they believe hid the lost but and I haven't tried that yet just for the simple fact I don't know what its gonna do but anyways you can mark your dog lost but the nice thing about it is and I've had someone ask me.

Top-Rated GPS dog collar with tracking device

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Well why would you want a GPS collar if your dogs or micro chipped and they have their tags on thing is is that a lot of times dogs may not always have their collars on and yeah micro chipping is great but if your dog is lost or you know is ran away you you can track your dog.

You know and you can see real time where your dog is that so that way you know where they're at and you can go and you can retrieve them so would I recommend this dog collar with tracking device.

Of course it works exactly as they claim as as it should and you know you can just tell that there's quality there is you know good minds behind the products so yeah I 100% recommend it. the battery life on the collar five claims that the collar should get between one and three months depending on how active your dog is.

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