Are dogs color blind ?

Many people wonder whether dogs can see the world in colors or if they see things the same way that we humans see the world. You may have heard that dogs see things in black and white but that's not correct. In fact, dogs do see in colors but they are color blind. Confused? Here's the answer.

Are dogs color blind

Dogs have the same kind of vision as most other mammals. They see the world dichromatically. That means that they do see things in color. They can distinguish blues from reds, for instance. They can probably detect some differences in color shades though not as many as humans. However, dogs are color blind in the same way that some people are color blind. They can't distinguish between red and green hues. Red and green shades will often appear interchangeable to them or be lacking in pigment.

In humans red-green color blindness is the most common form of color blindness, occurring in about 7 percent of the population. It is far more common in men than in women. It can be genetic or congenital. In dogs, red-green color blindness is normal throughout canine population. Red-green color blindness, or dichromatism, is normal for most mammals.

What colors can dogs see ?

Dog breeds have poor visual acuity. That means that, compared to human eyesight, dogs are not completely blind but they have no better vision than people do and may have somewhat worse color vision in some breeds. A Poodle has estimated to have a vision rating of 20/75 instead of the ideal 20/20 vision. Fifty percent of Rottweilers believed to be myopic (nearsighted).

Other breeds estimated to have good vision, such as the sighthound breeds, but they rely primarily on their field of vision to excel in hunting. A sighthound can have a field of vision of up to 270 degrees (compared to the human's 180 degree vision). Other breeds, with short noses or broad heads, may have a field of vision much more like that of humans.

Are dogs color blind

The dog does far exceed humans in their ability to detect moving objects. They can often identify humans, such as their owner, at a distance of up to a mile. Dogs also excel at hunting at dusk and are able to hunt in low light situations.

In training your dog you should make allowances for your dog's vision. You can use different colored objects but do keep in mind that your dog may not be able to discriminate between red and green objects. If you ask your dog to retrieve an object of a specific color (and many dogs trained to select for objects on the basis of color), you will need to give your dog some other clue about the object to be retrieved.

So, are dogs color blind? Yes, but they can see many colors. They have good vision though it's not their strongest sense. That honor goes to their nose and sense of smell which is thousands of times stronger than the human sense of smell.

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