2020 Top 10 most popular Dog breeds for housekeeping

Here are some popular dog breeds which can be good for housekeeping

1. Labrador Retriever

Labrador Retriever are the popular dog breeds as pets for housekeeping.

dog breeds for housekeeping

This dog breeds known as Labrador and their weight is about 25-30kgs and 55-60cms in size. The coat is very smooth, short, dense and straight and their life span is around 11 to 13 years. This one is playful, and people like this dog breeds to bring it to their homes as it is very friendly to its master.

Labrador Retriever

It decides whether the Labrador Retriever should be light yellow or a rich dark brown colour.

2. German Shepherd

German Shepherd dogs are one among the intelligent breeds of dog and they are also used as pet housekeeping. They are a solid, sturdy and a muscular dog. They have a good strength and agility, combined with their superior brain, allow them to train in many special areas .

dog breeds for housekeeping

German Shepherds can be a variety of colours - the most common are varieties of black and tan and varieties of red and black.


Males in height from 24 to 26 inches. Females in height from 21 to 24 inches.

3. Golden Retriever Housekeeping Dog of most popular breeds

Golden Retriever pets are probably the most wonderful dog breeds. These breeds of dog are loyal, friendly, trustworthy and faithful to their owners in housekeeping.

dog breeds for housekeeping

An extraordinarily flexible breed, very affectionate, clever and full of talent

A Golden Retriever must really feel valuable. They wish to be part of the household and concerned in every day actions. They love attention and consider themselves part of your life. Goldens love kids so are nice family dogs.

If you have got a lot of time and energy to devote to a loving hound, a Golden could possibly be an ideal match for you.

The golden retriever is a medium size dog with an average peak of 21 to 24 inches, and an average weight of 60 to 90 pounds, with the males weighing in at 10 to 15 pounds heavier than the females.

4. French Bulldog

The French Bulldog, often known as the "Frenchie", is a small, muscular, and compact dog. This breeds of dog stands about 12 on the withers and usually weighs between 18 and 28 pounds and this is widely used as housekeeping. It has heavy bones and considered a dwarf Mastiff.

dog breeds for housekeeping

The French Bulldog has a broad, sq. head, very short muzzle, and large bat ears. Its face is extra nice and open than that of the English Bulldog and the wrinkling is not as heavy.

The standard coat colours of the Frenchie are brindle, white, brindle and white, and fawn.

Few more breeds of dog for good housekeeping

5. Doberman Pinscher

doberman Pinscher

The Doberman Pinscher has a short, hard coat that may be black with tan markings, black, pink, blue, or fawn. There ears cropped to stand upright and a docked tail.

This breeds of dog is a really fast dog with nice stamina and used in housekeeping as a pet. It is an especially clever dog and is well trainable. The life span of this dog breeds can live to be 15 to 20 years old. The Doberman known as the Dobe.

6. Pug

The Pug is a small dog with an enormous character. Pug has tiny physique and stocky legs which are immediately recognizable. It has big eyes and wrinkled face which makes him most identified.

pug dog breeds for housekeeping

Unlike some small breeds of dog, which may be aggressive at times, the pug is a really placid, docile and affectionate breed that makes a wonderful family pet in housekeeping.

Pug will reach approximately 12- 14 inches in height and can weigh around 20lbs. They can gain weight shortly, as they don't seem to be lovers of physical exercise and identified for his or her tendency

Typical lifespan of a Pug is between 12 and 15 years. To assist hold your Pug healthy, it's wise to provide him, or her, common, however not strenuous, exercise.

7. Yorkshire Terrier

The Yorkshire terrier is a breed of dogs that initially hailed Yorkshire. These toy dogs known as Yorkies and they are very small.

There are various kinds of Yorkshire terrier, and miniature Yorkshire terriers are among the many most popular dog breeds and can be used in housekeeping as a pet. There life span is about 15 years if given proper care.

Yorkshire Terrier

Generally talking, there are two types of Yorkshire terriers: standard and miniature. But many specialists really feel that they aren't separate breeds,

however the identical breed coming in several sizes.

This signifies that an underdeveloped Yorkie can be categorised as miniature, however can be re-classified as standard if he grows. So the one way to know that you're getting a miniature Yorkshire terrier is by asking whether or not she or he is totally grown before buying the dog.

Yorkshire Terrier dog breeds for housekeeping

Usually, miniature Yorkshire terriers are identified to be mischievous. Being a small breeds of dog, they normally like to play aroun, jump all over they good in housekeeping. They are mentioned to be quick learners, and very popular with kids. The dogs are energetic and assertive, and make wonderful companions for kids and adults alike. They have a really calm temperament for a small dog.

Housekeeping Dog of most popular breeds

8. Great Dane

great Dane dog breeds for housekeeping

Great Dane puppies are very lovely dog breeds which can be used in housekeeping as a pet, and it is no surprise that they so standard, however keep in mind these tiny little puppies will finally develop as much as be very giant dogs. Be ready for a giant rollicky dog, as Great Danes weigh between 100 and 100 thirty pounds when fully mature

9. Boxer

Boxers are the sixth most popular breeds of dog within the United States, and for good cause they are used as pet in housekeeping.

As you may already know, Boxers are strong, energetic, and loving dogs that make nice companions and watchdogs, but there's extra to them than that. Here are some fun and unique information about Boxer hounds that you could be not know.

boxer dog breeds for housekeeping

Boxer has two fundamental shade variations - brindle and fawn.

Size - medium sized dogs
Male Height - 22.5 - 25 inches
Female height - 21 - 23.5

10. Dalmatian

This spotted dog is not only a familiar site in firehouses but anywhere that you find dog lovers. It is an extremely popular breeds of family dog in housekeeping. There is good reason for that.

The Dalmatian's usual life span is about 12-14 years

dalmatian  dog breeds for housekeeping

One of the great features of the Dalmatian is its energy level and ability to exercise for long duration. The Dalmatian is not a pet for a small apartment because it needs a lot of room.

Training this hound is not difficult but does require a great deal of patience. Training can be difficult at times because the dog often tends to become stubborn. While the Dalmatian does make a great pet dog, it often does get ill tempered with other dogs

In housekeeping the Dalmatian is a lovely breeds of dog, full of good spirit and cheer. They are quiet and polite, a real well mannered gentleman, an a wonderful addition to the right household.

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